Kibale Forest National Park is one of the best safari destinations in Africa for chimpanzee trekking safaris and has the highest number and diversity of primates in East Africa. There are 13 species of primates including chimpanzees living within its 795km2 land cover with the most beautiful and most diversified tracts of tropical forest in the whole of Uganda. The Forest covering predominates in the central and northern part of the park on the raised Fort Portal plateau. At the park’s northern tip, Kibale stands high up to 1590m above sea level.

Its also one of the remaining tropical forest expanses in East Africa, located in Western Uganda shared among the three districts of Kabarole, Kamwenge and Kyenjojo.  The park has  180 Kms wildlife stretch that is adjacent to Queen Elizabeth National Park. With 13 different primate species and has the highest concentration of Chimpanzees in the world. (Sometimes referred to as the capital of primates.)

Activities To Do While on A trip to Kibale

  • Bird watching
  • Visit to Bigodi wetland sanctuary
  • Fort portal crater field exploration
  • Nature walks and cultural tours 

The Best Time To Visit The Park

Kibale National Park is accessible throughout the year, the Best time to Visit the park is during the dry season when the trails are dry and passable. This runs from December to February and then from June to September. The wettest area in Kibale is the northern area, receiving an average annual rainfall of approximately 1700mm, mainly during March to May and September to November. The climate is favorable with an average annual temperature range of 14C to 27C. The southern part of the park experiences the maximum temperatures and lower amounts of rains where the terrain drops onto the hot rift valley floor and forest provides way to open grassland.