Luxury Boat Safaris

Experience Africa aboard floating luxury.

Africa hosts some of the world’s most famous and extensive rivers, such as the Nile and Zambezi rivers. These magnificent bodies of water are surrounded by stunning scenery, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Opting for a luxury boat safari to experience these vast ecosystems offers an entirely unique and immersive experience. 

Unlike traditional African safaris, boat safaris provide a better perspective for spotting wildlife, and the gentle experience is a reprieve from the hot and bumpy roads. Float through some of the breathtaking scenery on earth and fully become one with nature while leaving no footprints in the process. The luxury boat safari’s greatest advantage is the opportunity to view wildlife without crowds or noise pollution. Get ready for a truly remarkable adventure.

Our top recommended luxury boat safaris

True Vine Safaris; Luxury-Boat-Safaris_0006_Mantis-Kivu-Queen.jpg

Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga, Rwanda

The Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga presents itself as an exceptional and luxurious floating hotel that guarantees a remarkable cruising experience spanning 90km in length.

True Vine Safaris; CHOBE NATIONAL PARK, BOTSWANA - JULY 8: Unidentified people watch on as African Elephants swim across the Chobe River on July 8, 2016 in the Chobe National Park.

Luxury Uganda Boat Cruise Safari

This activity is a thrilling form of recreation that takes place on the freshwater bodies of the African continent. It is considered to be one of the popular water sports available.

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