White Water Rafting

White-water rafting is done at along Itanda waterfalls and this can begin from Jinja. A great start or end to your adventure, it also works nicely as a transition from the safaris of the south-west to a continued exploration north.

The rapids span a 20-kilometer stretch of river. Some sections are more wild than others, but they are all surrounded by beautiful scenery and a soundtrack of birdsong, and you can swim in some of the calmer sections.

All rafting adventures begin in the town of Jinja. The town, located just downstream from Lake Victoria, one of the Nile’s most important sources, is a hub for not only white-water rafting but also other adventure activities such as kayaking, quad-biking, horseback riding, and bungee jumping.

The countryside around Jinja is also ideal for more peaceful activities such as bird watching. Species such as the papyrus gonolek, white-backed night heron, and crimson-rumped waxbill can be seen, and cruises are available.

These boats are larger, making them more resistant to waves, and these routes will also avoid the most difficult rapids.

You can choose to tackle the Big Four, which include the aptly named Itanda (“The Bad Place”), as well as milder routes.

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