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Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park hosts chimpanzees along Lake Tanganyika. Enjoy nature while observing these primates.

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Everything you need to know:

Mahale Mountains National Park offers a truly unique and untouched experience for those seeking an off-the-beaten-track adventure. The reserve is completely inaccessible by road, making foot travel and dhow transportation the only means of getting around once you arrive by air from the north. Lush, green forests cling to verdant hills and give way to sandy shores along the African great lakes in this beautiful park.

Where is the reserve located?

The national park covers an area of 1,600 square kilometers within the Mahale Mountains situated on the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania’s Kigoma Region. Due to its isolated location and lack of accessibility by road, this destination receives far fewer visitors than other nature reserves in Tanzania. 

The remoteness of the park also means that the most effective way to reach it is via an aircraft from Arusha in the north, making it relatively expensive. However, the expense and remoteness of the park create an authentic, wild, and untouched experience for visitors.

About the reserve

What type of wildlife will we see?

Mahale is an exquisite destination that stands out for its natural beauty. The park’s mountainous terrain, populated by chimpanzee communities, and a diversity of primates such as yellow baboons, vervet monkeys, and Colobus monkeys, will leave you mesmerized. Additionally, the park boasts of a vast array of birds and butterflies that birders and lepidopterology enthusiasts will find fascinating. 

For avid anglers, Pamba, sardines, killifish, and more, are abundant and await for a chance to be caught. The area is unspoiled, wild, and remote, making it the perfect getaway for adventure seekers. Mahale is undoubtedly one of the most stunning destinations in the region, and its allure is undeniable.

Top experiences to enjoy in Mahale National Park

Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains National Park is an exceptional destination for travelers seeking unique safari experiences. Our park offers trained guide-led hikes, granting visitors the unique opportunity to encounter Africa’s last wild chimpanzees. 

Additionally, guests can explore the picturesque waterways by dhow, witness awe-inspiring flora and fauna on foot through our forests, or try their hand at scuba diving or snorkeling in nearby Lake Tanganyika. Our park guarantees out-of-the-ordinary adventures, making it a must-visit for those seeking exceptional wildlife encounters.

When to visit

The optimal time to visit the park for chimpanzee trekking is between July and October, which constitutes the high season. Despite this, the park remains remote, and large crowds are unlikely. 

From November through April, rain sets in, and lodges are closed from April to May due to flooding.

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