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Best classic safaris in East Africa coupled with unique and challenging mountain summits in Tanzania and gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda. 


Uganda is the gorilla trekking destination for the adventurous and fit. Steep climbs and beautiful valleys reward you with incredible mountain gorilla encounters.


The 3 major national parks of Rwanda offer up an incredible diversity of potential wildlife encounters, from the big game on safari to the 13 species of primates in the forests.


Venture into the heart of Africa, where wilderness safaris originated. Kenya boasts
culture, adventure and wildlife experiences that are unique in comparison to any other African or global destination.


Tanzania is home to the great migration, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti – proving exactly why this destination is popular globally as a wildlife and safari must see.


Nestled in the heart of Africa, Burundi may be one of the continent’s lesser-known destinations, but it boasts an extraordinary range of wildlife and landscapes waiting to be explored


The Democratic Republic of Congo, with its vast and diverse landscapes, offers a safari experience unlike any other on the continent. From the dense rainforests of Virunga National Park to the immense waterways of the Congo River,


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